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Slovak Evaluation Society (SES) was established as the non-governmental, non-profit organization (civil association) in 2006 to serve as a network for the evaluation professionals (evaluators, evaluation managers/commissionaires, evaluation users and other people from practice, academic sector and research interested in evaluation) with an aim to build evaluation culture in Slovakia. Its role is to promote the use of evaluations for all the interventions financed from the public funds, in order to strengthen transparency and improve the accountability of public expenditures.

The purpose of SES is to operate as:

  • a forum to gather, utilize and spread the evaluation knowledge, experience and results,
  • a platform for the study, and exchange of the experience and knowledge on evaluation practice and research, and
  • a network concentrating sector specific knowledge and improving evaluation methods and techniques.

SES will carry out the activities to make sure that the evaluations will become indispensable tool of the public administration’s management. SES will develop cooperation with partner organisations operating in Slovakia and abroad, and its activities will focus on education and training activities as well as methodological support in the area of monitoring and evaluation.

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